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Nipple Adornments – Is What You Know Accurate?

Have you ever wondered if what you know about Body Jewelry is accurate? Consider the following and compare what you know to the latest info on nipple adornments. And then there is non piercing nipple jewelry too.

There are a number of ways to accessorize or make a statement without undergoing the rather painful piercing of body parts such as ears, lips, nose and tongue. Body piercing has nowadays become more mainstream and is usually prevalent not only in women but in men as well.

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Piercing or Non Piercing Body Jewelry?

The best body jewelry is out there. You cannot complain at all. But, you need to find tips that will help you look great. The tongue piercings swell a lot at first but heal fairly quickly, if you use the right kind of gem. Maybe. However metal jewelry in the tongue can damage the gums and tooth enamel.

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Nipple Dangles w Attachies

The customers of NippleCharms.com often times turns in online or real friends. I have so many examples of that. Folks will email me and send pictures of them and their family and other fun things. And they often will send pictures wearing the jewelry. I cannot keep up posting the pictures I get. Here is an email I received here at NippleCharms.com about some of our custom non piercing nipple dangles. These are our “Attachies” non-pierced attachments. I love these too, and wear them often.

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Demand Good Quality Nipple Jewelry

Poorly made non-piercing jewelry can easily bend or break. You know the kind, the cheap wire kind that is at the top of Gizzizle.  And intimate jewelry made with inferior metals can also irritate your skin.

So, make sure you have good quality Nipple Jewelry.

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Nipple Rings – Hearts

NippleCharms.com is proud to show off our new nipple rings we carry that have a little elastic pull to them and can fit snug onto your nipple.  Below is a picture of a new friend of ours, Mandy, that was kind enough show off her BEAUTIFUL breasts wearing the heart shaped nipple rings.

Nipple piercing is painful and well, painful. And today, some are setting off alarms at airports. Now that sucks! (Unless you are like me and love to show off.  Come on TSA, make me show you!) :) Non piercing nipple rings is the alternative. And these new elastic-type shields are the answer.

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Janet Jackson Non Piercing Nipple Rings

Janet Jackson made a statement and you can too with NippleCharms.com Nipple Jewelry. She had the famous “wardrobe malfunction” where Justin ripped off her half bra to expose a pierced nipple. WOW, did heads turn. I remember watching that with my husband and had to ask did I see what I thought I saw. The next day it was pasted all over the world. Nipple Piercing!

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Nipple Dangles

Ever look at your pierced nipple rings and and say to yourself:

“These look boring, how can I dress these up only when I want to??”

“I do not wanted to keep changing out my favorite circle rings, what are my alternatives?”

“I want something to dangle from my rings, but what can I use?”

NippleCharms.com has your answer.  We have Non Piercing Nipple Dangles that attach to existing nipple rings. Below is a friend of ours from the club that loves to show off and love to show off our jewelry.

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Non Piercing Belly Jewelry

Have you ever looked at cute girl with a belly piercing and looked at the ring or belly dangle and said to yourself “Hey, I can look that good too?”

Then in the next minute you kinda wince and say again to yourself “Pain? I do not want the pain, and all the work to keep it from getting infected, and if it does, all those issues?”

I did that all the time. I like belly jewelry but was always worried.  Heck, that is why we started NippleCharms.com anyway.

NippleCharms.com offers an alternative. Non piercing belly jewelryNon Piercing belly rings gives the look of fun, cute belly piercings, without the pain, the possible infections and not having to go to one of these “piercing parlors” that often look questionable at best.

Below is a picture of one of our new friends showing off her sexy non piercing belly rings.

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