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Nipple Jewelry for All Woman’s Breast Beautification and Enhanced Sensation

What Are the Different Types of Piercing and Non Piercing Nipple Ornamentation!

Do you want to underscore your breast’s beauty and discover sensual alternatives for your nipples? Then read this!

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Nipple Jewelry

Here is another testimonial for NippleCharms.com Nipple Shields and Nipple Jewelry. NippleCharms.com jewelry are for nipple huggers that surround them oh so sexy and show it off.

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Nipple Jewelry Testimonial for NippleCharms.com

WOW, I love when customers send us pictures, but even better when they take the time and send me a video! As Jenn did here. She loved her jewelry and subsequently, NippleCharms.com. Nipple Jewelry is so fun to wear and she proves it here.

This is a G-rated video so it is safe for work (SFW).
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A Hedonistic Hassle: Nipple Rings and Airport Security

The annoyance of airport security procedures has kept travelers from rocking out some of their most impressive wardrobe pieces. Lace-up boots, the layered look and other gorgeous outfits that are easy to don but difficult to take off of have fallen by the wayside in favor of a quick trip through the gauntlet of security.  Would-be travelers with exotic piercings have also paid the price, with concern about removal and potential embarrassment adding even more stress to an already difficult process. Security regulations don’t look to be changing anytime soon, so what is a pierced traveler to do?
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Nipple Jewelry for the Bride

A bride’s soul and heart goes into her special day. She adds a little something of herself at every point along the way of her wedding. She delights when she pulls it all together and it turns out great. But want about the bride that wants to add a little spice to her wedding. How is that possible?

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Nipple Shields

I love my job here at NippleCharms.com. Have I said that lately? Let me try again. I LOVE MY JOB! And you might ask why I say that? Could it be because I get to play with and sell non piercing nipple jewelry and non piercing body jewelry? YES! Could it be because I interact with sexy people asking questions about my sexy jewelry? YES! Could it be because, as you will at the bottom of this blog post, I get to see our intimate jewelry adorning sexy, hot, powerful women? HELL YES!

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Non Piercing Female Nipple Rings – Art or Erotica?

Female nipple rings are pieces of artistically rendered jewelry that act as a kind of “health energizer” for the woman who wear them. That may sound too good to be true, but it is. Nipple rings have been specially designed to provide nipple stimulation while appearing as fine art. NippleCharms.com has an answer.

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Nipple Rings – Hearts

NippleCharms.com is proud to show off our new nipple rings we carry that have a little elastic pull to them and can fit snug onto your nipple.  Below is a picture of a new friend of ours, Mandy, that was kind enough show off her BEAUTIFUL breasts wearing the heart shaped nipple rings.

Nipple piercing is painful and well, painful. And today, some are setting off alarms at airports. Now that sucks! (Unless you are like me and love to show off.  Come on TSA, make me show you!) :) Non piercing nipple rings is the alternative. And these new elastic-type shields are the answer.

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Can Nipple Jewelry be sexy?

@EsmeRose1977 from Twitter sent me a picture (see below) of her wearing a pair of Nipple Jewelry shields from NippleCharms.com. WOW. I love our twitter friends and followers. They are so kind to us and so nice in general.

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Twitter Contest for @NippleCharms


And the WINNER is….

@devlzadvoct on Twitter.  Her site is devlzadvoct.livejournal.com . She gets her choice of any pair of the nipple jewelry items below or an anklet off our swingers page.

I decided to also pick a runner up and that person is @mydesire on twitter. And has a blog also longingsend.wordpress.com . MyDesire and choose any item off of our Nipple Embracers page.

I hope they both post pictures on their blogs about the jewelry and offer to send a few pictures to us!!

Thank you for all playing along. I will have another contest hopefully mid August! Stay tuned.


Strap in, hold tight, here we goooooooooo……

I want to try to improve followers for @NippleCharms and frankly sales to our site at NippleCharms.com.  I have seen a number of different contests on Twitter and thought I would give it a try. I want to giveaway some jewelry to a lucky Twitterer (and maybe a runner up) of some of our jewelry.

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