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Body Adornments And Nipple Jewelry

From the start of civilization, body adornments and enhancement were element of a person’s large wardrobe.  These adornments and accessories are in very different in type, sizes, styles and colors.  These have developed throughout the years, from one generation to another. These days, many people are using diverse ways to wear jewelry as an accessory. Namely, the very sexy and sensuous nipple jewelry.  The every pressing question is, pierced or non piercing nipple jewelry.

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Only You Know Its Non Piercing Nipple Dangles

Non piercing nipple dangles will show off your fun side in seconds! No holes, no problem.  You will have the excitement of body jewelry without the pain and commitments. These are also adjustable to make the perfect fit, anytime, all the time!

You can wear these any time of the day or night, for a few hours or just to get the attention of others!  There are not holes to leave scars, and only the “headlights” stay on! Everyone will ask where you got them! Your special person will love you even more for wearing them.

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Non Piercing Body Jewelry

Here is a post from our of my friends on Twitter, @TruePleasures:


Body jewelry can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be painful. Every once in a while, I’d eye a pair of nipple rings only to have reality set in; I’d have to get my nipples pierced. There was no bloody way I was going to do that.

It’s not that I’m afraid of piercing – I’ve had my earlobes done twice – I’m just afraid of piercing more sensitive areas. I’m fine with pain on certain terms, but piercing my more sensitive bits isn’t one of them. Pair that with the thought of those piercings possibly getting infected and you have a recipe for anxiety.

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Nipple Dangles w Attachies

The customers of NippleCharms.com often times turns in online or real friends. I have so many examples of that. Folks will email me and send pictures of them and their family and other fun things. And they often will send pictures wearing the jewelry. I cannot keep up posting the pictures I get. Here is an email I received here at NippleCharms.com about some of our custom non piercing nipple dangles. These are our “Attachies” non-pierced attachments. I love these too, and wear them often.

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Nipple Dangles

Ever look at your pierced nipple rings and and say to yourself:

“These look boring, how can I dress these up only when I want to??”

“I do not wanted to keep changing out my favorite circle rings, what are my alternatives?”

“I want something to dangle from my rings, but what can I use?”

NippleCharms.com has your answer.  We have Non Piercing Nipple Dangles that attach to existing nipple rings. Below is a friend of ours from the club that loves to show off and love to show off our jewelry.

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