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A Hedonistic Hassle: Nipple Rings and Airport Security

The annoyance of airport security procedures has kept travelers from rocking out some of their most impressive wardrobe pieces. Lace-up boots, the layered look and other gorgeous outfits that are easy to don but difficult to take off of have fallen by the wayside in favor of a quick trip through the gauntlet of security.  Would-be travelers with exotic piercings have also paid the price, with concern about removal and potential embarrassment adding even more stress to an already difficult process. Security regulations don’t look to be changing anytime soon, so what is a pierced traveler to do?
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Nipple Bells and Temporary Crystal Tattoos

NippleCharms.com loves Twitter! Why? Twitter is that social networking site that allows you to interact with people but limit you to 140 characters.  Keeps chats to the point.  We have a bunch of “followers” and we “follow” a bunch of others. Its fun!

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