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Nipple Jewelry can be an exciting adornment

Nipple jewelry from NippleCharms.com can be an exciting adornment for any couples play. The delicate metal can create a breathtaking thrill for any lover.

* This can help to revive the spark for couples who want more spice.

Keeping the spark burning can enrich the romantic lives of many.

* Couples will often feel closer when they share bonding experiences.

* Play that includes the use of body jewelry is ideal for being close.

Women will love the way that this kind of breast stimulation feels.

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Nipple Jewelry for the Bride

A bride’s soul and heart goes into her special day. She adds a little something of herself at every point along the way of her wedding. She delights when she pulls it all together and it turns out great. But want about the bride that wants to add a little spice to her wedding. How is that possible?

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Happy Veterans Day!!

To my dad and my father in law, and to all that have served, thank you on this Veterans day.

With you two, and everyone else that has put their life on the line for our freedom, thank you does not see enough. For those serving now, those that have come back home not whole, thank you is not enough. But sometimes its all we have.

God bless you all.

NGeo Washington Stamp

Enhance Your Sensations With Nipple Charms

Enhance Your Sensations With Nipple Charms

Nipple charms are the best way to swiftly augment the breasts. They offer a number of outstanding looks for women of all shapes and sizes. They can be used by women with any sized or modeled breasts.

NippleCharms body jewelry can be used by girls of any age or body type. Wither you are young and fancy free, or more mature and fancy free, all women can feel fun, sexy, wanted and will love her look wearing this jewelry.

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Only You Know Its Non Piercing Nipple Dangles

Non piercing nipple dangles will show off your fun side in seconds! No holes, no problem.  You will have the excitement of body jewelry without the pain and commitments. These are also adjustable to make the perfect fit, anytime, all the time!

You can wear these any time of the day or night, for a few hours or just to get the attention of others!  There are not holes to leave scars, and only the “headlights” stay on! Everyone will ask where you got them! Your special person will love you even more for wearing them.

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Non Piercing Body Jewelry

Here is a post from our of my friends on Twitter, @TruePleasures:


Body jewelry can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be painful. Every once in a while, I’d eye a pair of nipple rings only to have reality set in; I’d have to get my nipples pierced. There was no bloody way I was going to do that.

It’s not that I’m afraid of piercing – I’ve had my earlobes done twice – I’m just afraid of piercing more sensitive areas. I’m fine with pain on certain terms, but piercing my more sensitive bits isn’t one of them. Pair that with the thought of those piercings possibly getting infected and you have a recipe for anxiety.

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Nipple Dangles w Attachies

The customers of NippleCharms.com often times turns in online or real friends. I have so many examples of that. Folks will email me and send pictures of them and their family and other fun things. And they often will send pictures wearing the jewelry. I cannot keep up posting the pictures I get. Here is an email I received here at NippleCharms.com about some of our custom non piercing nipple dangles. These are our “Attachies” non-pierced attachments. I love these too, and wear them often.

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Nipple Shields

I love my job here at NippleCharms.com. Have I said that lately? Let me try again. I LOVE MY JOB! And you might ask why I say that? Could it be because I get to play with and sell non piercing nipple jewelry and non piercing body jewelry? YES! Could it be because I interact with sexy people asking questions about my sexy jewelry? YES! Could it be because, as you will at the bottom of this blog post, I get to see our intimate jewelry adorning sexy, hot, powerful women? HELL YES!

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Crystal Tattoos

Here is a sexy little story one of our friends sent into us at NippleCharms.com. She sent this to us after she has show off her new temporary crystal tattoos that she purchased from us. Hot little scene!

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Happy Memorial Day to All

Just a quick note to remember those who have put their life and fortunes on the line to preserve our ability to enjoy the freedoms we do, here in the USA!


Your lips are quiet, your hands have stopped perusing the enemy, you will no longer comfort your children, your spouse, your parents. You have given to your country and fellow Americans the ultimate gift, your life, your honor, in the service of your country.

Those of us who have never served cannot truly appreciate what sacrifice you have given willingly but, I for one, appreciate what you have done for me! Even though I do not know you by name, you are the most unselfish hero! Without fanfare, you give the ultimate price, your life.

Thank you seems so small of an offering. But THANK YOU! For what you have done to allow me go about my everyday life, shopping, driving, swinging, flipping of the car next to me, and especially enjoying the ability to go wherever I want, whenever I want, with being questioned or detained. It is because you sleep eternally now due to you giving the ultimate gift of life to protect me, to protect my way of life.

Your life does not go unnoticed.