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Nipple Jewelry for the Bride

A bride’s soul and heart goes into her special day. She adds a little something of herself at every point along the way of her wedding. She delights when she pulls it all together and it turns out great. But want about the bride that wants to add a little spice to her wedding. How is that possible?

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Crystal Tattoos

Here is a sexy little story one of our friends sent into us at NippleCharms.com. She sent this to us after she has show off her new temporary crystal tattoos that she purchased from us. Hot little scene!

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Temporary Tattoos

“M” purchased a temporary tattoo from us at www.NippleCharms.com and decided to send a picture or two. WOW. Does she have a hot figure or what? Me likes!!

These tattoos are black and stay on for a day or two, sometimes more. These are great for the lower back (as “M” is pictured below), around the upper arm, around the ankle or even the upper back. Men or women can wear these where ever they like.

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