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Nipple Jewelry for All Woman’s Breast Beautification and Enhanced Sensation

What Are the Different Types of Piercing and Non Piercing Nipple Ornamentation!

Do you want to underscore your breast’s beauty and discover sensual alternatives for your nipples? Then read this!

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Nipple Shields

A nipple shield is a piece of body jewelry worn on the nipple, partially or fully covering the areola. The shield encircles the nipple, and can be stuck on by various means, including suction, friction and the action of glue, but is most often held in place by a nipple piercing. Usually, the primary intent of the nipple shield is to lift, highlight, and ornament the nipple, as well as the whole breast, much as other pieces of jewelry do for other parts of the body.

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Piercing or Non Piercing Body Jewelry?

The best body jewelry is out there. You cannot complain at all. But, you need to find tips that will help you look great. The tongue piercings swell a lot at first but heal fairly quickly, if you use the right kind of gem. Maybe. However metal jewelry in the tongue can damage the gums and tooth enamel.

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MFM Swingers Piercing Jewelry

Hi everyone,

A customer of NippleCharms.com ask me to make them a pair of piercing nipple jewelry for his wife. She is into the MFM (Male Female Male) threesomes and he wanted her to show off on her pierced nipples.

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