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Happy Veterans Day!!

To my dad and my father in law, and to all that have served, thank you on this Veterans day.

With you two, and everyone else that has put their life on the line for our freedom, thank you does not see enough. For those serving now, those that have come back home not whole, thank you is not enough. But sometimes its all we have.

God bless you all.

NGeo Washington Stamp

Happy Memorial Day to All

Just a quick note to remember those who have put their life and fortunes on the line to preserve our ability to enjoy the freedoms we do, here in the USA!


Your lips are quiet, your hands have stopped perusing the enemy, you will no longer comfort your children, your spouse, your parents. You have given to your country and fellow Americans the ultimate gift, your life, your honor, in the service of your country.

Those of us who have never served cannot truly appreciate what sacrifice you have given willingly but, I for one, appreciate what you have done for me! Even though I do not know you by name, you are the most unselfish hero! Without fanfare, you give the ultimate price, your life.

Thank you seems so small of an offering. But THANK YOU! For what you have done to allow me go about my everyday life, shopping, driving, swinging, flipping of the car next to me, and especially enjoying the ability to go wherever I want, whenever I want, with being questioned or detained. It is because you sleep eternally now due to you giving the ultimate gift of life to protect me, to protect my way of life.

Your life does not go unnoticed.


What Am I Thankful For…

I am thankful for many things.

Every night before dinner, each one of us states what we are thankful for today. Someone might say the dinner, another might say the family, another might say my pet, another might say their health and on and on.

What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments.

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Swingers Club tours

What to expect at a Swingers Club!

So you think you want to go to a swingers club. You and your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/SO/mate have discussed it.  Have you just discussed it in bed? I hope that is not the only place. You should also discuss this lifestyle in the light of day, across from each other at the breakfast table (sans the kids of course) and talk about it out in the yard, on the way shopping, and NOT just the bedroom. The bedroom is never a good place to discuss anything important like sex! So what should you expect at the club?

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What do I want to talk about?

Some days are better than others. What do I want to chat about today? New jewelry at NippleCharms.com?

How to raise kids? (I wrote a guest blog article on that very topic. I am an old fashioned parent with old fashioned family values about raising kids. Go figure, with my lifestyle!) More a “do as I say” kind of thing, until they are old enough to make their own decisions.

What do swingers do in their off hours? (Funny you should ask….)

Answer some of our FAQ emails we get that I have yet to post on the site? Yes, I like to use USPS because they are still reliable, albeit a rip-off for the price of postage they charge.

Talk politics? What about immigration? Off-year elections? I do think Sarah Palin is freaking HOT! Heath care? The BP Oil Spill? The old Sino-Soviet relations vis-a-vie the western hemisphere?

Reality TV? The Housewives of New Jersey (not bad), New York (Brittney is also hot with those Kennedy jaws), Orange county (stuck up rich bitches) or the new one, The Whores of DC?  Wanna “ax” me my two cents?

Maybe I should just keep posting about what I know. Boobs, titties, breasts, nipples, melons, hooters, knockers, funbags (I love that one), the girls, the twins, boobilicous and the like? I do know them!

Ok, I will stay with nipples and nipple jewelry. But you never know…. I might one day give you my two cents on the other things too!

NippleCharms.com™ – Shaping the Future of Sexy Jewelry & Intimate Accessories.

Hang in there!  Better days are a coming!



Twitter Contest for @NippleCharms


And the WINNER is….

@devlzadvoct on Twitter.  Her site is devlzadvoct.livejournal.com . She gets her choice of any pair of the nipple jewelry items below or an anklet off our swingers page.

I decided to also pick a runner up and that person is @mydesire on twitter. And has a blog also longingsend.wordpress.com . MyDesire and choose any item off of our Nipple Embracers page.

I hope they both post pictures on their blogs about the jewelry and offer to send a few pictures to us!!

Thank you for all playing along. I will have another contest hopefully mid August! Stay tuned.


Strap in, hold tight, here we goooooooooo……

I want to try to improve followers for @NippleCharms and frankly sales to our site at NippleCharms.com.  I have seen a number of different contests on Twitter and thought I would give it a try. I want to giveaway some jewelry to a lucky Twitterer (and maybe a runner up) of some of our jewelry.

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Happy Memorial Day

We just wanted to thank the soldiers and other military personnel who over the years have given the ultimate sacrifice, their life, for the protection of their country.  These men and women deserve the highest honor and respect.

If you know a family that lost a father, son, bother, mother, daughter or sister in an armed conflict, try to call them today and just thank them for what was sacrificed and to remember them not only today, but every day.

If it were not for these heros, people that have a little more inside than we do, we might not today be able to stand up and complain that we should or should not be in the middle east today fighting (or any place where there is armed conflicts).

You may not agree with war, you may not agree with the position or lack of position of the current American administration, BUT, it was because of the souls of the men and women that laid down their lives for us, that YOU can stand there and complaint, and then not be tortured, maimed, “lost”, beheaded or hung in the town square.

I personally wish to thank everyone in the armed services of the US, the UK and every other free country that stands to to uphold the the US Constitution or the free Constitution of their country.  It is only with these brave souls that we can still sleep safe at night.

And the “bad guys” out there, and you know who you are… Do not underestimate our resolve! NEVER underestimate our courage and our resolve.

If this message offends you, maybe you are part of the problem.

May God bless all of our citizen armies, wherever in the world they are.


PS, now back to your regularly scheduled body jewelry blog!

New Design for NippleRingsBlog.com

Here at NippleRingsBlog.com, we are playing around with a new layout.  How do you like it?  Please let me know.  We are getting some help form AAGBLOG.COM and she is doing a great job.  Now we just have to learn how to use it.  :)

We will add more info about our Nipple Rings and Nipple Jewelry.  Please stay tuned and return often.  We will keep up with our blog always.

Please let us know.