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Body Jewelry So Sexy

NippleCharms.com is so proud of our customers. They are so sexy, so provocative, so committed to their lifestyle. Here are a few pictures of some of our customers who wanted to show off their jewelry.

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Hotwife Jewelry Engraved Anklet

NippleCharms.com is proud to show off Christy from @HotWifeChristy (Twitter) wearing the new, engraved charms anklet “HotWife“. See below just how awesome this looks on a set of great legs and out-of-this-world stilettos! “OMG” is saying it mildly.

For those of you that do not know what a Hot Wife is, it might be best described as an alternative lifestyle where a married couple engages in an open, sexual freedom that incidentally, most do not understand.  In this lifestyle, the wife is permitted, often encouraged by her husband, to have sexual encounters with other men, with or without the husband in attendance.

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Kay is one SeXy HoTwife

NippleCharms.com is happy on include HotWife Kay from HotWifeKay.com.  Kay is a married women who has the complete permission of her husband to “Play the field”. her husband Gee is perflectly fine with Kay playing with others and often particapates, or at the very least, is the cameraman. This sexy couple offers pictures of the fun on their website and also offer a members area that is very mature in content. Their is NSFW so at least understand that.

Kay and Gee have sent us a number of pictures where Kay is wearing our jewelry at one of her playdates.  We have included two of them below, under the fold as these too are really not safe for work.

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