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Queen of Spades Anklet & Crystal Tattoos Wearing

I love this part of my job! NippleCharms.com is always proudest when customers and new friends send us pictures of themselves, their spouses or significant others wearing our jewelry. The picture below is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and should be viewed advisedly. She did not want me to use her real name so I will call her Toni. And is she H-O-T!

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Slut Jewelry

NippleCharms.com is always proud to bring new items into our jewelry line. We seem lately to be doing especially well with anklets too. Not only our line of swingers jewelry but this new line of engraved anklets.

Below I have attached an example of a new friend wearing our “SLUT” engraved anklet with a pair of killer heels!

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Interracial Jewelry

WOW! Now here at NippleCharms.com we love to hear from our customers and friends. Below I have added a picture of “L” wife, showing her off and some of her favorite “accessories.”  WOW!

Note the Interracial Anklet and the Rhinestone Choker. Oh, can note the heels, the toys and her hotter than hot ankles! I just love it.

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BBC Necklace

Here is a friend of NippleCharms.com from outside the USA. She is sporting one of the sterling silver BBC Jewelry line of swingers jewelry.

As you can tell, “Samantha” is very confident in herself. And the necklace was purchased by her fiance.

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HotWife Jewelry and Anklets

NippleCharms.com is the leader in all things Swingers Jewelry.  Our new friends prove that to us all the time. We are not ones to brag but DAMN are our customers some of the sexiest people!  Below, one of our new friends, “Tina”, sent is this for our blog.  I love her anklet (Hot wife anklet” but check out her sexy “Fleur De Lis” design (Do I get that right Tina?)

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Anklets for women

How sexy is ankle jewelry? Do you think they are sexy, hot, attractive, provocative?

If you are a female, do you wear them? If so, why? If not, why? If you do wear anklets, are guys checking them out? How does that make you feel?

Guys, do you notice anklets on women and if you do, what do you think? Why do you think women wear them? Would you approach a women if she were wearing  one of the anklets below?

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Hot Wife Anklet

I cannot get over all our new friends that are kind enough to send us pictures while wearing NippleCharms.com jewelry. Here is one more.

I love to wear heels myself and these are a hot pair. Check out her nail polish (varnish for my English friends).  She is WORKIN’ IT!

What is a “Hot Wife” anyway?

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Queen of Spades Anklets

Queen of Spades Anklets

What is a Queen of Spades? And why would someone want to wear it as an anklet.  NippleCharms.com has the answer, and the anklets too.

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