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Nipple Jewelry for All Woman’s Breast Beautification and Enhanced Sensation

What Are the Different Types of Piercing and Non Piercing Nipple Ornamentation!

Do you want to underscore your breast’s beauty and discover sensual alternatives for your nipples? Then read this!

Women and men have always enjoyed the wearing of jewelry; any kind of jewelry. We women have probably loved it more. There is hare a woman that does not like some kind of jewelry, ring, bracelet, anklet, body rings or the even belly rings. For the female, it’s a sign of femininity, the delicate way to accentuate our natural beauty. NippleCharms.com knows all about this!

There are different types of body jewelry, and there is no end to the number of body parts we can opt to decorate. Yet, what can provide a woman the look and feel of sexiness more than jewelry on her most sexual, attractiveness, and femininity? What about her breast or specifically, her nipple? Nipple jewelry and nipple rings not only allow for that feeling of sexiness but is the greatest way to show off just how feminine you can be.  Nipple jewelry can be better than breast enhancements!

Women have chosen all of the known guarded body parts to which to adorn jewelry. Wearing them at the breasts, navel, the labia, anal, even around the waist can work. As for the nipple decorations, there is an ever growing popularity to using non piercing nipple rings. This way, there are no holes in the skin and no recover time. Even non piercing body jewelry is showing up for the navel, the labia and the anus. Dangles are great and a lot of fun. These are attached using different methods, hoops, nooses, glue and the like.  Let me explain some of the options.

Nipple Shields

Wearing Non Piercing Nipple Shelds

Non Piercing Nipple Shelds

Another popular body jewelry style is the nipple shield for the female nipples.  This type of sensual jewelry adds to the beauty and mystique of the women’s physique. There are piercing and non piercing nipple shields. Some of these types add to the size and sensitivity of the nipples. The non piercing shields also stay on using a little pressure.  Your body part has to be erect first. If you are not always erect, as some women are, it could be fun trying to get to that point.

Some nipple shields are piercing brands that are inserted into the holes of the piercing. Both types, piercing and non piercing nipple shields, are often worn as pairs but can also be worn one at a time. It’s up to the wearer. Some wear them to make a nice look with a clothed appearance. Nipple rings can stick out when wearing a sheer top with no bra. This kind of body jewelry for women with large nipples and how do I get non piercing nipple jewelry to stay on.

Nipple Rings

Probably the most common of all nipple jewelry is the nipple rings.  Some of the non piercing rings are applied with pressure. Then there are the rings that are pierced, where a hole is made in the skin and the rings are put through. These are painful and can cause infections. Women not only like the decoration around the nipples that the rings provide, but the pressure of the rings can also add to heightened sensation of the nipple. Non piercing nipple rings can also add that added excitement as the pressure to keep the rings attached.  Comfort levels are up to the person; less pressure just to know the ring is there, more pressure to say, “Hey, I can feel that and provides me a sexual tension!

One can apply the nipple rings themselves or even better, as their significant other to help. That is where the fun begins.  When the partner helps, who knows what else can become erect after that!  Experimenting with designs, pressures, tensions can be used to personalize the nipple rings.  Non piercing rings are best for women whose nips are naturally prominent and easily stay at attention.

Nipple Huggers

This is a brand name of cheaper wire jewelry. It easily bends and for the price, should be more durable. They tend to use other’s ideas to make a cheaper, less sturdy version.  Be careful of this jewelry. I have had people tell me they were less than impressed with this particular brand of jewelry. These also go by the name “bodyjewelrybytazzie” and are not very sturdy. Be careful of these

Dress up your perfect breasts (and all breasts, no matter the size or shape, are perfect) with fun, non piercing nipple jewelry and body rings. And check out http://www.NippleCharms.com for all kinds of non piercing jewelry. NippleCharms.com will also show you on the site how to we

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