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A Night to Remember: Body Jewelry for Special Occasions

A Night to Remember: Nipple Jewelry for Special Occasions

Surprising your lover with a fresh change in your appearance is a tried-and-true way to put the spice back in any relationship for an event or special occasion. Coloring or cutting one’s hair, slipping on exciting lingerie costumes or trying out a new look with exotic makeup are just a few of the ways to achieve this.  If you really want to catch your partner’s attention, however, you can bypass these fun but traditional methods in favor of something a little more modern: body jewelry for special occasions.  Like erotic treasure troves, these sparkling little accoutrements hide under clothing offering just the slightest alluring hint at their presence through thin or filmy fabric.

There are many special occasions for body jewelry, such as an anniversary, birthday or even Valentine’s Day with your partner.  You can choose to let them know about your new accessory right away to enhance anticipation, or it can be a blissful little secret to reveal when things get hot and heavy.  Love to tease?  Leave tantalizing clues for your lover to discover, such as a dirty text message or even a sticky note scavenger hunt through the house with your naked and body jewelry-adorned self waiting at the end!

Queen of spades anklet

Queen of spades anklet

Imagine the lustful look on their face when they slide their hands against your body and feel the presence of an intriguing body adornment to be uncovered!  If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can purposely select clothes that will highlight the shape of the nipple jewelrybeneath, such as silk blouses.  This will have an added erotic effect for you as well as the fabric slides against jewelry as you move.  Make date night even more fun with a sensual suggestion of venue: an impromptu visit to a club will make dancing considerably more pleasurable throughout the evening.

There are many choices in non piercing body jewelry for special occasions, including hundreds of different styles that can incorporate themes such as sparkling gems, Celtic knot work or even naughty little messages meant for your lover’s eyes only.  With options such as non piercing nipple rings, elaborate nipple shields and playful nipple dangles your foray into the realm of body jewelry need not be permanent.  Swap out colors and styles at a whim; have fun building a special “wardrobe” of body jewelry for special occasions that will bring a knowing smile to your lover’s face as well as your own.

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