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A Hedonistic Hassle: Nipple Rings and Airport Security

The annoyance of airport security procedures has kept travelers from rocking out some of their most impressive wardrobe pieces. Lace-up boots, the layered look and other gorgeous outfits that are easy to don but difficult to take off of have fallen by the wayside in favor of a quick trip through the gauntlet of security.  Would-be travelers with exotic piercings have also paid the price, with concern about removal and potential embarrassment adding even more stress to an already difficult process. Security regulations don’t look to be changing anytime soon, so what is a pierced traveler to do?

The answer is simple: non-piercing nipple rings.  These innovative pieces of body jewelry provide all of the edgy look of their pierced counterparts with none of the hassles of a metal detector showdown.  A high-quality alternative to pierced nipple rings, hundreds of different styles are available to suit the wearer and ensure that he or she enjoys an erotic look without discretionary concerns.  Non-piercing nipple shields, another type of body jewelry, can be transported in packed or carry-on luggage, or can even be worn to the airport and discreetly removed in a restroom prior to traveling through the security checkpoint and metal detector.

Non-piercing nipple rings have a number of other benefits that extend far past the boarding gate, as well.  They are easy to wear and comfortable for users of all sizes, and changing one pair out for different style takes much less time than pierced varieties require.  This flexibility allows you to bring multiple pairs of nipple rings, shields or even nipple chains to match different outfits or occasions on your journey.  If you’re a meeting a lover at your destination, what could be more sensually exciting than greeting them with a new “non piercing jewelry” to be revealed when they undress you? One thing is for sure: it’s certain to overshadow any traditional souvenirs you bring back!

Non piercing nipple chains jewelry

Non piercing nipple chains jewelry

If you’re buying non-piercing nipple rings for the first time before traveling, it’s a good idea to experiment with fit and application prior to trying to wear or remove them at the airport.  By familiarizing yourself with your new nipple rings in a comfortable and familiar setting, you’ll be a pro in time for your trip.  There are many different looks and styles out there, so have fun shopping and discovering all of the intimate jewelry and erotic accessories that await your perusal at www.NippleCharms.com – your source for the best in non-piercing nipple rings, nipple shields and more!

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