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Enhance Your Sensations With Nipple Charms

Enhance Your Sensations With Nipple Charms

Nipple charms are the best way to swiftly augment the breasts. They offer a number of outstanding looks for women of all shapes and sizes. They can be used by women with any sized or modeled breasts.

NippleCharms body jewelry can be used by girls of any age or body type. Wither you are young and fancy free, or more mature and fancy free, all women can feel fun, sexy, wanted and will love her look wearing this jewelry.

Spice Up Your Days and Night As Easy As Adding A Few Nipple Charms

Women know how to build their self-confidence. Sometimes it’s as easy as a new color lipstick or lip gloss. Some times it can be a new sexy pair of heels or even a new dress. Other women find that sexy nipple jewelry can help them feel more self-assured. It can be that easy.

When the sexy feeling takes over, it can have different results for different women. Some ladies it lets them walk a little taller, be more assertive in meetings, want to be more forceful where it counts. Being comfortable with one’s self makes this happen.

This can make some women more aggressive, in a good way, more confident sexually. This air can make women try new fun and sexy things and give greater pleasure to the old “standards” they have come to enjoy. Nipple jewelry is one want to allow her to become more intimate and romantic in with her partners.

Obtain The Pierced Look With Non Piercing Nipple Rings

Having your nipple pierced (and it’s always suggested to have this done by a professional piercer) is one way for immediate sensations to that part of the body, or any part that is pierced. But many women (and men for that matter) will not or do not want to carry out the exact care needed so the piercing stays healthy.

Often the care can take weeks, or even months to make sure there are no infections that happen. Cleaning a number of times daily, the upkeep, the patience all effect the piercing. And then there is the possible rejection of the jewelry. This leaves women who want the look unable to obtain it for themselves and or their partners.

Happily the answer to many of these women is non piercing nipple jewelry or nipple rings. These huggers the nipples and allows them to stay without the pain of piercings. They will stay on for as long as you like them to. From minutes to hours to the whole night at the nightclub, this jewelry is fun at its best!

The huggers are some of the best choices to have in this space. There are no disagreeable feelings that come with some of the clamps and clover clip style of nipple wraps. These can truly be bodygems at their best.

Some of the clamps can cause irritation of the skin and even discoloration; none of this can be fun for the wearer or the viewer. This can also be caused from the improper installation of the clamps. OUCH!

Using the clear or ultra thin hoop style, like a nipple noose, will alleviate that problem of irritation. The hoops and loops can be used on any sized breast and is easily adjusted to meet the tension required. This affords a whole new opportunity for women because of nipplecharms and nipple charms.

Fun Intimate Jewelry Is for ANY Occasion

Sexy 5 stone nipple jewelry

Enhancing your look and using intimate jewelry is useful for any occasion. This can be a sexy date night addition, one for that sexy night at home where the kids have overnights at a friends or grandparents house, or can be worn discretely or even flashed to give that fun tease-effect.

As far as the teasing peek, a sheer shirt is a delight and can be worn over the non piercing nipple jewelry. A bra of lace or mesh can also add the “See what I have on under this” look. Or even a sheer cami can add to the effect. This will drive men wild. It’s your own ED medicine for the men!

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