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Only You Know Its Non Piercing Nipple Dangles

Non piercing nipple dangles will show off your fun side in seconds! No holes, no problem.  You will have the excitement of body jewelry without the pain and commitments. These are also adjustable to make the perfect fit, anytime, all the time!

You can wear these any time of the day or night, for a few hours or just to get the attention of others!  There are not holes to leave scars, and only the “headlights” stay on! Everyone will ask where you got them! Your special person will love you even more for wearing them.

Nipple Dangles Can Cause Unexpected Results!

Nipple Attachies, Body Jewelry

Nipple Attachies, Body Jewelry

Often times, couples get into a funk!  Being bored is one way people in relationships start to look at others.  And even if you try something different, that too maybe become routine.  Out of the ordinary play is healthy.  If not, your satisfaction level will wane and others will look more appealing! Do you really want that?

Nipple jewelry can help you make that turn off the bad road.  You can feel like the relationship is new again.  It’s like opening a window in the spring, letting the cool fresh air come into your stuffy relationship!  Its like being outside, the cool breeze against the breasts and the nipples!

Feeling the jewelry makes for a light caress, a firm shake, a little tickle and maybe even a tease for your partner. Oooooo la la!  If you want more sensations, try tightening the non piercing jewelry. That way, it can be erotic and fun at the same time; only you know it’s not real piercing jewelry. You know you will have fun and can remove it whenever YOU want to!

Put A Bounce In Your Gait With Sexy Intimate Jewelry

Intimate jewelry will give you a feeling and bounce in your step, the way swingers of the ‘50’s would have fun listening to their music.  This will allow for a more self-assured feel and attitude. Any women looking assured will come across as sexier, more fun to be with and plain HOT! The desire factor multiplies!

Being unfamiliar with boobie play, dangles and non piercing jewelry is a great beginning.  It allows the players to manage the fun, the excitement and the pleasure. Therefore, if the play gets too over the top, simply remove the jewelry!!

At first the jewelry can be worn for short periods of time.  As the feelings get more and more pleasurable, they can be left on for longer periods of time.  More is often better, but the wearer can make the decision.

Some people find that adding the tension on some of the nipple dangles can add to the excitement of the moment.  Some want just momentary stimulation and therefore just a little will do.  Wearing them will always remind you of the fun times you have had in the past.

You can always allow your friend to administer the tightness or looseness of the dangles on the nipples. They can define the domination of the play.  The couple then defines what limits and balances they can share.

When wearing any non piercing nipple rings and dangles at first, wear the blouse tucked in the skirt or pants so that if they slip off for any reason, you do not lose them.  Allowing for any possible happening, one can then anticipate potential issues.

Is A Non Piercing Nipple Dangles The Perfect Gift?

Absolutely!  Any lover will enjoy receiving for giving nonpiercing jewelry.  These can be used as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, and or bachelorette party gift.  If can even be a gift to a female friend who just got her divorce! Imagine that gift!

Gift wrapping the jewelry is always the bomb! Some of these can be left under a pillow in a cute little bag.  Or hide the jewelry in the luggage when your partner arrives at that secret getaway.

A fun presentation is at dinner, out in public.  Just opening the package and taking a peek at a restaurant is enough to begin the excitement for the evening! Someone slips into the ladies room to put these on and then let the fun begin.

Enjoy the feelings over and over again with non piercing nipple dangles and accessories.

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