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Non Piercing Body Jewelry

Here is a post from our of my friends on Twitter, @TruePleasures:


Body jewelry can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be painful. Every once in a while, I’d eye a pair of nipple rings only to have reality set in; I’d have to get my nipples pierced. There was no bloody way I was going to do that.

It’s not that I’m afraid of piercing – I’ve had my earlobes done twice – I’m just afraid of piercing more sensitive areas. I’m fine with pain on certain terms, but piercing my more sensitive bits isn’t one of them. Pair that with the thought of those piercings possibly getting infected and you have a recipe for anxiety.

One day, when I was just shopping around online, I made the discovery that there are actually non-piercing nipple rings and shields. I couldn’t have been happier. Finally, a solution to my predicament! I no longer had to do without just because I’m a scaredy cat!

Non-piercing body jewelry is just as simple to wear as clip-on earrings. Unless you want there to be, there’s no pain involved. You can adjust the jewelry to whatever tightness you like, so nobody should have any problems with non-piercing body jewelry being uncomfortable or too loose.

Unlike the tacky clip-on earrings of my grandmother’s time, there’s quite a nice selection to choose from when it comes to non-piercing body jewelry. You want to spice up your nipples? There are plenty of nipple dangles, shields, and charms. Feeling the need to decorate downstairs? There are plenty of non-piercing clit clips to jazz things up. There’s even belly button jewelry that doesn’t require piercing. Such a thing is perfect for me; a girl who can’t even stand to have her belly button poked, much less pierced. Guys, there’s also penis jewelry! You weren’t left out of the loop!

Out of all of the non-piercing jewelry I have, every bit of it is very comfortable and fun to wear. I have plenty of jingly nipple dangles, chains, and a clit clip to jingle around like a little gypsy in. When properly attached, they stay on no matter how much I dance and jiggle around. My spider nipple shields are my favorite, though. I also have a back belly chain to add some style to my tush cleavage, and have had experience with quite a few bindis and even bindis made for eyes!

If you’re considering body jewelry but fear the piercing, non-piercing body jewelry is a great alternative, and NippleCharms.com is a great place to get it!


Thanks True for such a great post! I love you for the information.

My best always,


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