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The customers of NippleCharms.com often times turns in online or real friends. I have so many examples of that. Folks will email me and send pictures of them and their family and other fun things. And they often will send pictures wearing the jewelry. I cannot keep up posting the pictures I get. Here is an email I received here at NippleCharms.com about some of our custom non piercing nipple dangles. These are our “Attachies” non-pierced attachments. I love these too, and wear them often.

Constance & Eric of www.constanceanderic.com is showing of our slave bells nipple dangles using the Attachies! Her nipples are off the charts! And I thought mine were nice! WOW.  Thank you both and please have continued fun with the jewelry!

The Attachies are Sterling silver and the bells are silver tone metal. They make a nice soft chime as you walk or… play!

Here is their email!

Hello Hello N,

We were in the studio this weekend and put some of your awesome products on Constance…

As requested, here they are!

Hope you like them as much as we like your charms :)

You totally have our permission to use them on your site if you wish provided you let us know where they end up (so we can blog, promote, etc about it) and you slide a little photo credit in to Constance & Eric, or even better www.constanceanderic.com.

If you EVER have any need for further photography (we also do excellent product photography) please do let us know as your company is exactly the type of clients we enjoy working with.

Hope you like and would love to hear your thoughts.


Constance & Eric


My thoughts? Freaking HOT!!! I love it. And if anyone needs some pictures, Eric and Constance should be your choice! Thanks you guys. Check out her boobies below! I am so jealous!

And please leave her a comment if you like. We will both appreciate it!

My best always,


Nipple Jewelry with Attachies

Nipple Dangles with Attachies

Nipple Attachies, Body Jewelry

Nipple Attachies, Body Jewelry

Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry

Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry








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