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I love my job here at NippleCharms.com. Have I said that lately? Let me try again. I LOVE MY JOB! And you might ask why I say that? Could it be because I get to play with and sell non piercing nipple jewelry and non piercing body jewelry? YES! Could it be because I interact with sexy people asking questions about my sexy jewelry? YES! Could it be because, as you will at the bottom of this blog post, I get to see our intimate jewelry adorning sexy, hot, powerful women? HELL YES!

I met Ali on twitter. She goes by the name of twitter name of Ali_Cat69 and is a hot, sexy doll that has her own cam shows and loves to show off. OMG is she so provocative or what? We have tweeted for some time and she said she loved my jewelry. Upon receiving her order, she did a photo shoot for her site. Her husband sent me some of the pictures that I have posted before here and on my nipple jewelry site http://www.NippleCharms.com. WOW is all I can say about her. And that I am so jealous of her body! She wears our jewelry so sexifully! (yes that is a made up word for someone as intriguing as Ali.)

Below are a few pictures she of her wearing our 5 Blue Stone Nipple Shields Jewelry. I cannot get over just how pretty she is. Her eyes are compelling. My hubs wants her! I am sure he is not alone! These shields are non piercing and as you can see, fun to wear. They will give you a fun feeling as you wear them… and show them off.

Please let Ali know how much you like her pictures. And again, if you want to follower her on Twitter, she appreciates it! She is @Ali_Cat69.

Thanks Ali!

My best always,


Sexy 5 stone nipple jewelryNipple Shields
Nipple Shields

Nipple Shields

Non piercing nipple shields

Non piercing nipple shields

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