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Happy Memorial Day to All

Just a quick note to remember those who have put their life and fortunes on the line to preserve our ability to enjoy the freedoms we do, here in the USA!


Your lips are quiet, your hands have stopped perusing the enemy, you will no longer comfort your children, your spouse, your parents. You have given to your country and fellow Americans the ultimate gift, your life, your honor, in the service of your country.

Those of us who have never served cannot truly appreciate what sacrifice you have given willingly but, I for one, appreciate what you have done for me! Even though I do not know you by name, you are the most unselfish hero! Without fanfare, you give the ultimate price, your life.

Thank you seems so small of an offering. But THANK YOU! For what you have done to allow me go about my everyday life, shopping, driving, swinging, flipping of the car next to me, and especially enjoying the ability to go wherever I want, whenever I want, with being questioned or detained. It is because you sleep eternally now due to you giving the ultimate gift of life to protect me, to protect my way of life.

Your life does not go unnoticed.


MFM Swingers Piercing Jewelry

Hi everyone,

A customer of NippleCharms.com ask me to make them a pair of piercing nipple jewelry for his wife. She is into the MFM (Male Female Male) threesomes and he wanted her to show off on her pierced nipples.

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