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Non Piercing Female Nipple Rings – Art or Erotica?

Female nipple rings are pieces of artistically rendered jewelry that act as a kind of “health energizer” for the woman who wear them. That may sound too good to be true, but it is. Nipple rings have been specially designed to provide nipple stimulation while appearing as fine art. NippleCharms.com has an answer.

A woman can be proud and comfortable wearing non-piercing nipple rings jewelry. She not only can show that she has awesome fashion taste but might as well show that she has a very healthy sexual way of thinking. She can show off her nipple jewelry in any appropriate setting to whatever extent she desires. Its like little fingers encircling her nipples!

How does this make nipple rings a “health energizer”?

Non Piercing Nipple Shields

Non Piercing Nipple Shields

Adults need healthy stimulation of all kinds, including the erotic kind. We require healthy levels of satisfaction. Many women suffer for one reason or another from lack of such fulfillment, from natural desires and attractions, regardless of what most aspects of society may think.

This fulfillment lacking is sometimes caused from something internal. She may have low levels of the sex hormones or can have some type of psychological mutilation that keeps her from enjoying the kind of intimacy, erotic or otherwise, that all adult women and men need.

Women often turn to drugs from their doctors or some homeopathic “cure-alls” to relieve this problem, but those that work can often cause other issues not anticipate.

One of the long known secrets of female stimulation have been caressing and playing with the breasts, specifically the female nipples. One off shoot of this has been womens tendency to piercing, especially piercing the nipples. This has a number of heath hazards that females must be conscience of when undertaking real piercing. But it does give constant stimulation to the nipple.

First, there is the discomfort both pre and post trauma of the pierce. This can cause even the slightest touch to hurt for hours.

Secondly it can be very embarrassing for women to have a male piercer do the job. Although there is some fun in having a man you do not know seeing your intimate parts.

Thirdly there is the heath specific, infections. There are many, many never endings in and around the nipples and areola. These infections can be extremely painful. What was a benefit for stimulation has now become a problem!

All body piercing may also have a propensity to close and heal over, if unused for even a few days.  Ever take out an earring and have the hole quickly close? As a result, many women need to leave a stud in place continuously. Should your boss or co-worker see this, there may be negative repercussions.

Temporary Crystal Tattoo

Temporary Crystal Tattoo

Non piercing nipple shields were created to get rid of the need for permanent nipple piercing jewelry. With this jewelry, the shields or nipple rings easily but firmly adhere by the use of slight pressure and can be worn as long as you want the fun felling. Most of these are also made from surgical steel, just like the real jewelry.

Their stylish look also makes their already impressive effectiveness even more attractive.

Aside from the obvious benefits to the woman wearing nipple shields, there is an added bonus. All men will be enthralled by the way they enhance the natural beauty of one of the most attractive parts of the women’s body.

Any woman who feels that she is need of more erotic stimulation so that she can have a healthier intimate relationship should try nipple rings jewelry at least once. They’re the most potent – and the safest – non-drug stimulator around.

NippleCharms.com has many types and styles of safe and non-invasive jewelry to steadily create and maintain the women’s sexual arousal for hours on end. These nipple rings are a must-have for every woman. And for women with inverted nipples, try the nipple crystal tattoos bindis that stick to the skin but can be removed when you are done.

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