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Nipple Rings – Hearts

NippleCharms.com is proud to show off our new nipple rings we carry that have a little elastic pull to them and can fit snug onto your nipple.  Below is a picture of a new friend of ours, Mandy, that was kind enough show off her BEAUTIFUL breasts wearing the heart shaped nipple rings.

Nipple piercing is painful and well, painful. And today, some are setting off alarms at airports. Now that sucks! (Unless you are like me and love to show off.  Come on TSA, make me show you!) :) Non piercing nipple rings is the alternative. And these new elastic-type shields are the answer.

Slipping the nipple between the ring half’s securely adds enough pressure to keep the nipple rings in place. This nipple jewelry piece is very comfortable and safe. A fun pierced nipple ring alternative!

Mandy is a friend of ours on Twitter, the omni-present social network where I hang out and shoot the breeze, show off, answer potential customer questions and otherwise cause trouble.  But my trouble is a good trouble. She goes by the name @MyFeet_AreCold on Twitter.

So Mandy has a blog, My Feet Are Cold where she talks sex stuff and everyday things. I do not hold it against her that she is a Colts fan!  I hope she will eventually write a post about her new jewelry and post more pictures. She had huge, sexy, phenomenal breast. And great nipples too. If you see Mandy on twitter, please say hello and tell her just how great she looks! All us women love a nice compliment!

She is a great story writer too. And loves Twilight.

Thanks Mandy for show off for us. Everyone will enjoy taking a look and seeing how good you look, and just how good they can look. In fact, I had someone look at your picture in our gallery page and based on your picture, they bought a pair. NICE!!!

NippleCharms.com™ – Shaping the Future of Sexy Jewelry & Intimate Accessories.

My best always,


nipple rings hearts wearing

Nipple Rings Hearts

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