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Queen of Spades Anklet and Crystal Tattoos Wearing

I love this part of my job! NippleCharms.com is always proudest when customers and new friends send us pictures of themselves, their spouses or significant others wearing our jewelry. The picture below is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and should be viewed advisedly. She did not want me to use her real name so I will call her Toni. And is she H-O-T!

Toni is wearing two of our Queen of Spades Crystal Tattoos and the Queen of Spades Anklet. Sexy, oh so sexy. Her and her husband are swingers and in particular, their lifestyle includes interracial men. She is a fan of the BBC! And you know what the BBC means, and its not the British Broadcasting Company!! :)

NippleCharms.com is proud that many in “alternative lifestyles” have chosen us by wearing our jewelry in representing and showing off their wants and desires.

You too can show off what you like, are into, desire, and collect by visiting NippleCharms.com and seeing all the fun and sexy jewelry we offer. You will find something you like, from our swinger’s jewelry to our nipple jewelry to our fun accessories. You will find something that helps bring out the spice in your life!

Thanks Toni for sending in your pictures. If anyone wants to send us pictures, please contact us by mail.  Thanks.

My best always,


Queen of Spades Anklets and tattoos

Queen of Spades Anklets & Tattoos

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