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Clip On Nipple Rings

NippleCharms.com is happy to show again one of our twitter fans wearing our clip on nipple rings. @SexyLexi36DDD with her 36DDD bobbies rock our jewelry. Below you can see her wearing our 5 blue nipple embracers and our red and clear bindis.

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Swingers Club tours

What to expect at a Swingers Club!

So you think you want to go to a swingers club. You and your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/SO/mate have discussed it.  Have you just discussed it in bed? I hope that is not the only place. You should also discuss this lifestyle in the light of day, across from each other at the breakfast table (sans the kids of course) and talk about it out in the yard, on the way shopping, and NOT just the bedroom. The bedroom is never a good place to discuss anything important like sex! So what should you expect at the club?

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Slut Jewelry

NippleCharms.com is always proud to bring new items into our jewelry line. We seem lately to be doing especially well with anklets too. Not only our line of swingers jewelry but this new line of engraved anklets.

Below I have attached an example of a new friend wearing our “SLUT” engraved anklet with a pair of killer heels!

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