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Interracial Jewelry

WOW! Now here at NippleCharms.com we love to hear from our customers and friends. Below I have added a picture of “L” wife, showing her off and some of her favorite “accessories.”  WOW!

Note the Interracial Anklet and the Rhinestone Choker. Oh, can note the heels, the toys and her hotter than hot ankles! I just love it.

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What do I want to talk about?

Some days are better than others. What do I want to chat about today? New jewelry at NippleCharms.com?

How to raise kids? (I wrote a guest blog article on that very topic. I am an old fashioned parent with old fashioned family values about raising kids. Go figure, with my lifestyle!) More a “do as I say” kind of thing, until they are old enough to make their own decisions.

What do swingers do in their off hours? (Funny you should ask….)

Answer some of our FAQ emails we get that I have yet to post on the site? Yes, I like to use USPS because they are still reliable, albeit a rip-off for the price of postage they charge.

Talk politics? What about immigration? Off-year elections? I do think Sarah Palin is freaking HOT! Heath care? The BP Oil Spill? The old Sino-Soviet relations vis-a-vie the western hemisphere?

Reality TV? The Housewives of New Jersey (not bad), New York (Brittney is also hot with those Kennedy jaws), Orange county (stuck up rich bitches) or the new one, The Whores of DC?  Wanna “ax” me my two cents?

Maybe I should just keep posting about what I know. Boobs, titties, breasts, nipples, melons, hooters, knockers, funbags (I love that one), the girls, the twins, boobilicous and the like? I do know them!

Ok, I will stay with nipples and nipple jewelry. But you never know…. I might one day give you my two cents on the other things too!

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