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Nipple Bells and Temporary Crystal Tattoos

NippleCharms.com loves Twitter! Why? Twitter is that social networking site that allows you to interact with people but limit you to 140 characters.  Keeps chats to the point.  We have a bunch of “followers” and we “follow” a bunch of others. Its fun!

And here is a picture of one of our followers wearing our temporary crystal tattoos (bindi). These are the Emerald Green Bindi that are sold individually so you can also wear them around your belly button!  She is freaking HOT! Look her up on twitter as @urban_gypsy.

UG is a sexy jet setter who loves to have fun. She has a great attitude and loves to “show off the goods!”  She also asked her friend to wear our nipple bells. Her friend has great nipples. We have all kinds of jewelry for those babies!

The nipple jewelry bells are great for hearing anyone coming (pun intended!).  It is also a fun trinket for the BDSM jewelry community. We have many “masters” and “slaves” that buy these for each other. These bells, either alone or as nipple chains, allows the “slaves” to be heard when she (or he) is required to be heard.

I have worn the bells at the club we attend and get many compliments about them. We sell a number of these at the different places we vend. Believe it or not, these are really loved in the Renaissance faire communities.

So, thanks @urban_gypsy and your friend for showing off our jewelry. You two are sexy hot and make our jewelry look smokin! And I love your attitudes to show this off in public. Sexy BodyGems!

My best always,


Nipple Tattoos and Crystal Bindi

Nipple Tattoos Crystal Bindi

Non piercing nipple bells jewelry

Nipple Bells

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