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Twitter Contest for @NippleCharms


And the WINNER is….

@devlzadvoct on Twitter.  Her site is devlzadvoct.livejournal.com . She gets her choice of any pair of the nipple jewelry items below or an anklet off our swingers page.

I decided to also pick a runner up and that person is @mydesire on twitter. And has a blog also longingsend.wordpress.com . MyDesire and choose any item off of our Nipple Embracers page.

I hope they both post pictures on their blogs about the jewelry and offer to send a few pictures to us!!

Thank you for all playing along. I will have another contest hopefully mid August! Stay tuned.


Strap in, hold tight, here we goooooooooo……

I want to try to improve followers for @NippleCharms and frankly sales to our site at NippleCharms.com.  I have seen a number of different contests on Twitter and thought I would give it a try. I want to giveaway some jewelry to a lucky Twitterer (and maybe a runner up) of some of our jewelry.

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Nipple Shields Crossed Horns

NippleCharms.com is always happy when any of our friends want to show off wearing our jewelry. This post is no exception and neither is our friend @MrsSiren from Twitter. And there is something else going on here that her husband @MrSiren told me!! (And he is a stud-muffin girls! The bad boy type if you know what I mean!) Nice!

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Nipple Bells and Temporary Crystal Tattoos

NippleCharms.com loves Twitter! Why? Twitter is that social networking site that allows you to interact with people but limit you to 140 characters.  Keeps chats to the point.  We have a bunch of “followers” and we “follow” a bunch of others. Its fun!

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