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Temporary Tattoos

“M” purchased a temporary tattoo from us at www.NippleCharms.com and decided to send a picture or two. WOW. Does she have a hot figure or what? Me likes!!

These tattoos are black and stay on for a day or two, sometimes more. These are great for the lower back (as “M” is pictured below), around the upper arm, around the ankle or even the upper back. Men or women can wear these where ever they like.

What is really nice about these tattoos, and what I love about them, is that they are TEMPORARY. When you are in the mood, one of our tattoos and a little damp clothe can change your mood or your whole personality.

Do you want to be a bad girl or boy? Add a tattoo.

You are going out and want to give off a different look? Add a tattoo.

You want to look a little provocative?  Add a temporary tattoo.

You want the look of a “tramp stamp” on your lower back (you know you do but you do not want the pain or permanency of a real tattoo)? Add a temporary tattoo.

Just have fun! That is what life is all about! Be sexier, even if its for a night! Visit NippleCharms.com to see all the temporary tattoos, nipple jewelry and accessories.

Thanks “M” for the showing! You said wearing these out on vacation was naughty, or as you said loved “my tramp stamps!”  Even good girls like to let their hair down sometimes!

My best always,


Wearing gecko temporary tattoos

Gecko Temp Tattoos

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