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Janet Jackson Non Piercing Nipple Rings

Janet Jackson made a statement and you can too with NippleCharms.com Nipple Jewelry. She had the famous “wardrobe malfunction” where Justin ripped off her half bra to expose a pierced nipple. WOW, did heads turn. I remember watching that with my husband and had to ask did I see what I thought I saw. The next day it was pasted all over the world. Nipple Piercing!

People loved what Janet was showing. But they did not want the pain and the problems associated with piercing jewelry. Neither did I.

So the day after that I found where I could get the non piercing nipple rings and started offering them to our visitors.

Our friend, @GPleasures40G from Twitter did not want her nipples pierced either. “GP” purchased a pair and below she is wearing them!  And yes, she is a 40G and beautiful! Our jewelry sits nicely on her.  If you can even see our jewelry while memorized on her gorgeous boobs!

She wanted “All the pleasure with none of the pain.” She found it at NippleCharms.com. And she promised to be back for more.  Hopefully she will send us more pictures. Can you get enough of her beauty?

Thanks GP for your order and the picture. I hope all you show off will enjoy the view as much as we do!

My best always,


Janet Jackson Non Piercing Rings

Janet Jackson Rings

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