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BBC Necklace

Here is a friend of NippleCharms.com from outside the USA. She is sporting one of the sterling silver BBC Jewelry line of swingers jewelry.

As you can tell, “Samantha” is very confident in herself. And the necklace was purchased by her fiance.

The fiance prefaced “Samantha’s” email with this email:

“Dear N,

I thought you’d like to know just how well your jewellery worked for my fiance and I last night, so I’m forwarding an email I received from her just now. Only took delivery of your charms on Monday. Worked wonderfully.

Thank you.”

They must have been at a party as here is some of the email that he received from his future wife and then forward to me.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening.  I cannot believe you made me do all those things!  You are sooo…. naughty!  You made your fiance a slut and a whore and she loved it.  Thank you honey.  Apart from when we got engaged, it was probably the best night of my life!  I never knew such places existed and you are a naughty boy for looking for it!  My god, some of those guys were HUGE! “

And the jewelry helped. “Samantha” went on to say that she told her fiance she would wear the jewelry and the sheer top.  And also here is a picture of her BBC Anklet.

Thank you both for a great e-mail and great photos!  WOW!

Just ask if you are not sure what BBC jewelry is all about. Those of you that know, this jewelry line is fantastic icebreaker!!

NippleCharms.com is proud to carry our designer line of swingers jewelry and accessories along with all of our other non piercing nipple jewelry.

My best always,


NippleCharms.com customer wearing BBC Necklace

BBC Jewelry

BBC Anklet and heels

BBC Anklets

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