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Nipple Dangles

Ever look at your pierced nipple rings and and say to yourself:

“These look boring, how can I dress these up only when I want to??”

“I do not wanted to keep changing out my favorite circle rings, what are my alternatives?”

“I want something to dangle from my rings, but what can I use?”

NippleCharms.com has your answer.  We have Non Piercing Nipple Dangles that attach to existing nipple rings. Below is a friend of ours from the club that loves to show off and love to show off our jewelry.

“S” is wearing our non piercing nipple clips that attach to her existing rings and dangle down.

The beads on our dangles are all SWAROVSKI crystals in either Red, Fuchsia, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Turquoise, Clear, Lt. Emerald or Red and White.

Also see all of our sexy body jewelry.  NippleCharms.com™ – Shaping the Future of Sexy Jewelry & Intimate Accessories.

Thanks again to “S” and her husband for the great picture!!

My best always,


wearing nipple rings dangles

Nipple Dangles

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