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Handcuff Jewelry

A new friend of ours from Twitter who goes by the twitter name @officewench13 is here wearing an original NippleCharms.com handcuff necklace.

This necklace is made of sterling silver, as is all the jewelry here, including the cuffs. There are necklaces that resemble this one that sell upwards of $160.00.  This one is only $39.95 at NippleCharms.com.

Handcuffs can be very provocative. People will wonder why you are wearing them. Do they need to know you like that occasional bondage, or that you like to tie others up? Or…

That maybe you are a police officer and just like to show off. Or maybe your man is?

Check out our handcuff anklets also.  All of the jewelry on NippleCharms.com is fun to wear and are great conversation starters!

Thanks again for the pictures! Keep up the good work!  And is she HOT or what??

My best always,


Handcuff Necklace wearing

Handcuff Necklace

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