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Nipple Wear and BodyGems!

NippleCharms.com is proud to show off one of our new friends, Lynn Pops. Her site is sexy but NSFW!

Lynn shows off two pieces of our jewelry, the 5 blue stone non piercing nipple rings and our crystal bindi tattoos.  The bindi are the intimate variety, ones that will spice up your life with fun.

The nipple rings that are non piercing are worn around the nipples, applying just the slightest of pressure to hold the rings in place. Eraser sized nipples are the best candidates for this kind of jewelry.

The temporary crystal tattoos, in India are also known as a bindi, are often worn to celebrate weddings, special occasions and and special days. You can wear eye bindi, face bindi, belly or other intimate bindis. The one’s Lynn are wearing are pink crystals are worn around the nipples.  Oh so sexy. And so are the bindis! These are sexy BodyGems.

Thanks Lynn.  NippleCharms.com is proud to show you off and give our visitors a link back to your sexy site. Lynn is also on twitter as @LynnPops. Please follow here!



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Non PiercingNipple Rings

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Sexy Temporary Tattoos

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