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Belly Rings

Have you ever looked at cute girl with a belly piercing and looked at the ring or belly dangle and said to yourself “Hey, I can look that good too?”

Then in the next minute you kinda wince and say again to yourself “Pain? I do not want the pain, and all the work to keep it from getting infected, and if it does, all those issues?”

I did that all the time. I like belly jewelry but was always worried.  Heck, that is why we started NippleCharms.com anyway.

NippleCharms.com offers an alternative. Non piercing belly jewelryNon Piercing belly rings gives the look of fun, cute belly piercings, without the pain, the possible infections and not having to go to one of these “piercing parlors” that often look questionable at best.

Below is a picture of one of our new friends showing off her sexy non piercing belly rings.

Wear these with a short top, belly shirt, short hater top or your sexiest bikini top.  Or a very, very sheer top that shows off your mid section.  Let people see just how sexy you are, how open you want to be, and that you want to be fashionable.

All the female celebrities today are wearing belly rings.  Pick up any “Us” or “People” magazine and you will see them all, all ages.

These belly rings are applies with a dab of body glue that comes with the jewelry. We do offer tubes of our brand of body glue or you can use spirit gun or any good eyelash glue that you can find at your local pharmacy.

Here is the picture of our friend. She is showing off! Damn that girl is smokin hot!  Thanks “T”.

Non piercing belly button rings

Non Piercing Belly Rings

WOW, was I right? Thanks for sending in your picture “T”.

We offer great prices, fast shipping and fantastic customer service for all of our jewelry. Please visit NipppleCharms.com to see our vast collect of non piercing body jewelry.

My best always,


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