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Temporary Crystal Tattoos

I love my customers/friends.  All of you. I am proud that NippleCharms.com can provide all of you with jewelry that makes you feel sexy, more confident and better aroused! Our items are better than most of the meds out on the market today.  And the results are immediate!

Below is my new friend “N” showing off a sexy non piercing crystal tattoo from NippleCharms.com.  Is her belly freaking sexy or what? You just want to lick all around it. And those low ride jeans…

The crystal tattoos bindis from NippleCharms.com are sexy and easy to wear. Simply take them off the backing and apply to your clean, dry skin. There is a sticky backing, much like body glue or even eyelash glue that will adhere to the body. Do not apply where there is an abundance of hair.

Once done, carefully remove and put back on the packaging they arrive on. You can reuse these a number of times if you are careful. Once the glue is faded, you can clean with a little alcohol and apply either the non-toxic body jewelry we sell or any decent eyelash glue you can find at your local drug store. It is that simple.

“N” wore these all day with a cute little belly shirt and received loads of comments. Everyone wanted to know where she got them. What a cute body jewelry.

Is she hot or what?

Thanks again and by best always


Temporary belly bindi

Temporary Tattoos

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