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Nipple Shields

I am not sure Janet Jackson looked this good wearing Nipple Shields from NippleCharms.com. Wow, below is a great view of just how hot these nipple rings and shields can look.  Your breasts can look this good too.

How you ask? Order a set of shields from NippleCharms.com and show off and feel sexy. Its practically guaranteed you will feel sexy. Better than anything else on the market or even from your doctor. Hubby or boyfriend having some issues? :)  Wear a pair of any of our nipple shields and watch him grow and grow before your eyes!

And best off, no pain for you. They stay on like clips and there is no pain or discomfort unless you want it! Below is a picture of “T” that was sent in by her husband.  She bought them and he is so grateful that he sent me a few pictures of her. She is hot!

“The nipple charms came and we finally had a chance to take a few pictures for you.  Hope you like them enough to post them.”

OMG like, would I ever!  Here is “T” sporting a pair of our Janet Jackson non piercing nipple rings!  Nipple jewelry at its best! Thanks “T”

Janet Jackson Nipple Rings

Janet JacksonNipple Rings

My best always and remember to always play sane!!


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2 comments to Nipple Shields Non Piercing

  • T's husband

    Thanks for posting this picture, Nikki. She got many curious glances as the shields appeared through her sheer top. A few even got unobstructed views when they requested. This product is great! Oh, by the way, the ability to adjust enough to keep a pinching sensation was greatly appreciated and enjoyed!

  • Thanks guys for the nice comments. Showing off is half the fun! Let us know if there is anything else we can do! My best, N