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Happy Memorial Day

We just wanted to thank the soldiers and other military personnel who over the years have given the ultimate sacrifice, their life, for the protection of their country.  These men and women deserve the highest honor and respect.

If you know a family that lost a father, son, bother, mother, daughter or sister in an armed conflict, try to call them today and just thank them for what was sacrificed and to remember them not only today, but every day.

If it were not for these heros, people that have a little more inside than we do, we might not today be able to stand up and complain that we should or should not be in the middle east today fighting (or any place where there is armed conflicts).

You may not agree with war, you may not agree with the position or lack of position of the current American administration, BUT, it was because of the souls of the men and women that laid down their lives for us, that YOU can stand there and complaint, and then not be tortured, maimed, “lost”, beheaded or hung in the town square.

I personally wish to thank everyone in the armed services of the US, the UK and every other free country that stands to to uphold the the US Constitution or the free Constitution of their country.  It is only with these brave souls that we can still sleep safe at night.

And the “bad guys” out there, and you know who you are… Do not underestimate our resolve! NEVER underestimate our courage and our resolve.

If this message offends you, maybe you are part of the problem.

May God bless all of our citizen armies, wherever in the world they are.


PS, now back to your regularly scheduled body jewelry blog!

Handcuff Jewelry

A new friend of ours from Twitter who goes by the twitter name @officewench13 is here wearing an original NippleCharms.com handcuff necklace.

This necklace is made of sterling silver, as is all the jewelry here, including the cuffs. There are necklaces that resemble this one that sell upwards of $160.00.  This one is only $39.95 at NippleCharms.com.

Handcuffs can be very provocative. People will wonder why you are wearing them. Do they need to know you like that occasional bondage, or that you like to tie others up? Or…

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Nipple Wear and Bodygems!

NippleCharms.com is proud to show off one of our new friends, Lynn Pops. Her site is sexy but NSFW!

Lynn shows off two pieces of our jewelry, the 5 blue stone non piercing nipple rings and our crystal bindi tattoos.  The bindi are the intimate variety, ones that will spice up your life with fun.

The nipple rings that are non piercing are worn around the nipples, applying just the slightest of pressure to hold the rings in place. Eraser sized nipples are the best candidates for this kind of jewelry.

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Non Piercing Belly Jewelry

Have you ever looked at cute girl with a belly piercing and looked at the ring or belly dangle and said to yourself “Hey, I can look that good too?”

Then in the next minute you kinda wince and say again to yourself “Pain? I do not want the pain, and all the work to keep it from getting infected, and if it does, all those issues?”

I did that all the time. I like belly jewelry but was always worried.  Heck, that is why we started NippleCharms.com anyway.

NippleCharms.com offers an alternative. Non piercing belly jewelryNon Piercing belly rings gives the look of fun, cute belly piercings, without the pain, the possible infections and not having to go to one of these “piercing parlors” that often look questionable at best.

Below is a picture of one of our new friends showing off her sexy non piercing belly rings.

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Mrs Siren wears our Nipple Bindis

NippleCharms.com is proud to show off a new friend of ours, Mrs. Siren (and is she ever!) from her own site Mrs. Siren’s Sexy Secrets. Oh my word is she a handful and a half! And I say that in the best of ways.

Under the fold I have attached  a few pictures of this blond bombshell.  For the record, Mrs. Siren offers, on her site, images, video, webcam & chat along with her sexy blog and special requests.

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Belly Crystal Tattoos - Bindi

I love my customers/friends.  All of you. I am proud that NippleCharms.com can provide all of you with jewelry that makes you feel sexy, more confident and better aroused! Our items are better than most of the meds out on the market today.  And the results are immediate!

Below is my new friend “N” showing off a sexy non piercing crystal tattoo from NippleCharms.com.  Is her belly freaking sexy or what? You just want to lick all around it. And those low ride jeans…

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Nipple Shields

I am not sure Janet Jackson looked this good wearing Nipple Shields from NippleCharms.com. Wow, below is a great view of just how hot these nipple rings and shields can look.  Your breasts can look this good too.

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