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HotWife Jewelry and Anklets

NippleCharms.com is the leader in all things Swingers Jewelry.  Our new friends prove that to us all the time. We are not ones to brag but DAMN are our customers some of the sexiest people!  Below, one of our new friends, “Tina”, sent is this for our blog.  I love her anklet (Hot wife anklet” but check out her sexy “Fleur De Lis” design (Do I get that right Tina?)

HotWife jewelry is worn by women that like to have sex with others outside their marriage. This is not cheating or adultery because their husbands are fully aware of the practice and usually encourage the behavior, either by being there watching the festivities, participating (often as MFM or MMFM encounters) or even by setting up his wife’s dates. Now you are talking fun!

NippleCharms.com loves all of our alternative lifestyle friends and customers. If you have jewelry you want to show off, please email us and we will get your pictures up here also.

Thanks Tina!



Hot Wife Anklets

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