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Nipple Chains for Piercing jewelry - NippleCharms.com

Now this is not April Fool’s day thing. Below is one of the customer of NippleCharms.com show off her Nipple Chains that can be attached to existing nipple rings! If the nipples are already pierced, these gold or silver toned chains can be attached using lobster claws.

And boys, you can wear these too if your nipples are pierced. All you need is a smaller gauge ring in your nipples and the NippleCharms.com lobster claw chains can be attached.  Very easy and oh so sexy!

You can be as fun and sexy or can use these in D/s games. Either way, its a way to add a little spice in to your life.

Wear these under your crop top with no bra or boys, just with your top off. Girls, what about wearing these with a bikini top and letting the chain just hang a little. They you will get hot comments? My best is you will!

Thanks again to “Y” for letting us show her off! Wicked Sexy!

My best to all and do not forget to follow us on twitter! NippleCharms is our name there too!


nipple chain clips for piercing

Nipple Chain Clips for Piercing Jewelry

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