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Kay is one SeXy HoTwife

NippleCharms.com is happy on include HotWife Kay from HotWifeKay.com.  Kay is a married women who has the complete permission of her husband to “Play the field”. her husband Gee is perflectly fine with Kay playing with others and often particapates, or at the very least, is the cameraman. This sexy couple offers pictures of the fun on their website and also offer a members area that is very mature in content. Their is NSFW so at least understand that.

Kay and Gee have sent us a number of pictures where Kay is wearing our jewelry at one of her playdates.  We have included two of them below, under the fold as these too are really not safe for work.

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HotWife Jewelry and Anklets

NippleCharms.com is the leader in all things Swingers Jewelry.  Our new friends prove that to us all the time. We are not ones to brag but DAMN are our customers some of the sexiest people!  Below, one of our new friends, “Tina”, sent is this for our blog.  I love her anklet (Hot wife anklet” but check out her sexy “Fleur De Lis” design (Do I get that right Tina?)

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Back Belly Chains

Back Belly Chains, from NippleCharms.com,  shows off mini-lower back tattoos-like sexy jewelry that give hit of fun!  For the girls that do not want to get permanent tattoos, this is one way to showing off a little flirtation.

This is a picture of our friend from  Truepleasures.Blogspot.com showing off her sexy back and butt wearing our chains. She is showing the back and also how they attached in the front. And the chains do not get in the way of fun!

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Nipple Chains for Piercing Jewelry

Now this is not April Fool’s day thing. Below is one of the customer of NippleCharms.com show off her Nipple Chains that can be attached to existing nipple rings! If the nipples are already pierced, these gold or silver toned chains can be attached using lobster claws.

And boys, you can wear these too if your nipples are pierced. All you need is a smaller gauge ring in your nipples and the NippleCharms.com lobster claw chains can be attached.  Very easy and oh so sexy!

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