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Temporary Crystal Tattoos – Bindi

Here is another picture of one of our twitter friends showing off her best assets and a pair of temporary crystal tattoos from NippleCharms.com. These are one of the many bindi tattoos that we carry on our nipple jewelry site.

What is it about encircling a nipple with some sparkling, sexy, provocative and all round fun jewelry that makes men, and most women, just stand back and go WOW!

Here she is wearing our Pink Bindis in all her glory.  Dang she is one beautiful women. You can be just as sexy showing off for your man, women, friend, group or whoever when wearing a pair of temporary tattoos made with the finest crystals.

NippleCharms.com also recommends these to be worn around the navel or belly buttons. All of our bindis, if you take care of them, can last a few wearings.  Once the sticky on the back comes off, you can use the body glue we carry to or any eyelash glue would work too.

Enjoy and get all the styles so you are ready for “you never know what!”

My best always,


Model wearing pink bindi

Wearing Pink Bindi

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