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Hotwife Jewelry Necklace

HotWife. Are you a hot wife? What is a hot wife as NippleCharms.com and others describe it?

A HotWife is a wife (and a “hot girlfriend is a girlfriend) that cannot get enough of the guys. She is a women that is comfortable with herself and her sexuality and has loads of self-confidence. She loves sex and loves to have sex with other men. And did I mention she is “married!”

With the permission, and often encouragement of her husband, these sexually-hungry women date and have sex with other men. Its not that their husbands cannot satisfy them, its that these women want MORE!

Sometimes they date alone and sometimes the husband is there too.  But always the wife is craving more, always more.

NippleCharms.com created and offers exclusively many item that allow the wife to advertise their wants and needs.  Below is one of our many friends and fans that are wearing our hotwife jewelry.

She is also wearing one of our free gifts, the nipple dangles jewelry hearts.

Now, if you see someone wearing one of our necklaces, go up and say hi!

Thanks again “S”.


Hotwife and hot wife necklace

Friend wearing NippleCharms.com Hot Wife Necklace and Nipple Jewelry

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