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Hot Wife Anklet

I cannot get over all our new friends that are kind enough to send us pictures while wearing NippleCharms.com jewelry. Here is one more.

I love to wear heels myself and these are a hot pair. Check out her nail polish (varnish for my English friends).  She is WORKIN’ IT!

What is a “Hot Wife” anyway?

More or less, a “Hot Wife” is a married women that has the permission of her husband to have sex with other men.  Sometimes the husband is there, sometimes he is not. It depends on the agreement of the married couple.

NippleCharms.com offers a number of anklets and other body jewelry that shows off different parts of the “alternative lifestyle.”

Thanks “T” for sending this picture. And enjoy your choice!!!

My best always,


Friend wearing NippleCharms.com Hot Wife Jewelry in action.

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