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Janet Jackson Nipple Rings

Janet Jackson made such the big, hair-raising, stop-the-presses, the world is coming to an end, media event at the Super Bowl a few years back. Parents were covering the eyes of children, rushing senior citizens to the hills and the far right was sooo… well, not right!

NippleCharms.com and a number of body jewelry stores saw this as main-streaming what used to be the dirty, kinky, slutty side of the jewelry biz. Not any more!

One of our new friends sent us a picture of herself wearing one of our Janet Jackson non piercing nipple jewelry shields.

“S” promised to send a more clear view of her wearing NippleCharms.com’s version of this sexy jewelry. Do you think that nipple jewelry is still seen as underground? Leave a comment if you like or email us.  We are always interested to hear what our followers have to say!

Here is “S” showing off.  Damn she is sexy! Thanks “S” for allowing us to post your hot sexy nipple!

My best always,


non piercing nipple jewelry

Here is the non piercing version of the the Janet Jackson Nipple Rings

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