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Queen of Spades Anklets

Queen of Spades Anklets

What is a Queen of Spades? And why would someone want to wear it as an anklet.  NippleCharms.com has the answer, and the anklets too.

The Queen of Spades is just one of many ways for women, oftenwhite women, sometimes Latino or Asian women to profess their love of the BBC, or big black cock.  Queens of spades refer to women that are after black men.  More often than not these “QofS” women are not black.  It is really an interracial thing.

NippleCharms.com was requested some years back, by a white women, to offer some symbol(s) that this women, and other women, could wear to let others know of their desires.

With input from this customer, NippleCharms.com came up with a number of distinct, exclusive designs that offer women the chance to express their wants and needs.

Here is one of our customers showing off the Queen of Spades Anklet.  You haveto also love those red heels.  Yummy.

Visit www.NippleCharms.com and click through to the swingers jewelry section to see all of our lifestyle jewelry options.  Enjoy.

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Queen of spades Anklet

Sexy Queen of spades anklet worn my customer

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