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Crystal Tattoos

I cannot get over just how many friends we have that offer to send us their pictures wearing our jewelry or accessories that we offer at NippleCharms.com.  “J” is wearing one of our Temporary Crystal Tattoos and when you see her at the bottom of this post you can see just how she makes our bindi jewelry look smokin’ HOT!

“J” is yet another of our sexy friends from the club we attend. She is the hottie wife of a very fun, friendly and outgoing alternative lifestyle couple. Not to give too much away, they are a cute young couple that know how to have a great time in and out of lifestyle clubs and makes everyone around them comfortable.  And her husband… yummy!

This was taken at our of the Mardi Gras party at the club.  There are many lifestyle clubs that celebrate the whole Mardi Gras time of year in a extravagant way.  This is one of the most favorite parties that we attend!

Thanks “J” for sharing, and sharing your pictures!  :)

My best always,

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Mardi Gras Crystal Tattoos

Friend wearing Crystal Tattoos

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