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Nipple Shields Non Piercing

Below is one of NippleCharms.com’s customers wearing the Electric Non Piercing Nipple Shields. She is flashing some friends.  This is the perfect picture for today, being Fat Tuesday!  Although she took this picture last summer, it is certainly a great shot for today!

Remember these are the sterling silver non pierced variety of nipple shields.  They should not cause an allergic reaction when worn.

We love to hear from our customers either by way of our excellent ratings or with pictures like these.

NippleCharms.com is proud to always offer you, our educated consumer, the best of the best.  Tested true, tested for you!

Let us help spice up your life with fun. All the pleasure and none of the pain of piercing jewelry.

Thanks again.


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non piercing nipple shields

Customer wearing Electric Nipple Shields

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