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Sexy Bindi Jewelry

Below is another type of “nipple ring“. These bindis are sexy and non piercing. These can be worn under a sheer top where they will stand out. Show off a little. Let people see how cute you are and how these will just stand out, and make your nipples stand out. Draw attention to one of a girls best asset.

Or just use them to make him, OR HER, get their engines going. Imagine when these bright, vibrant bindi tattoos come out of hiding. No one will be able to resist.

These crystal tattoos are also reusable if you take care with them. Carefully take them off and return them back to the packaging. Once the sticky wears off, you can use any spirit gum or eyelash glue to reuse the crystals.

I want to thank our new customer and friend in sending in this picture.

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SeXy Crystal Tattoos

And here is our blog, Erotic Thoughts, its a great read but NSFW. Thank you!

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