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Janet Jackson Nipple Rings

Janet Jackson made such the big, hair-raising, stop-the-presses, the world is coming to an end, media event at the Super Bowl a few years back. Parents were covering the eyes of children, rushing senior citizens to the hills and the far right was sooo… well, not right!

NippleCharms.com and a number of body jewelry stores saw this as main-streaming what used to be the dirty, kinky, slutty side of the jewelry biz. Not any more!

One of our new friends sent us a picture of herself wearing one of our Janet Jackson non piercing nipple jewelry shields.

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Queen of Spades Anklets

Queen of Spades Anklets

What is a Queen of Spades? And why would someone want to wear it as an anklet.  NippleCharms.com has the answer, and the anklets too.

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Crystal Tattoos

I cannot get over just how many friends we have that offer to send us their pictures wearing our jewelry or accessories that we offer at NippleCharms.com.  “J” is wearing one of our Temporary Crystal Tattoos and when you see her at the bottom of this post you can see just how she makes our bindi jewelry look smokin’ HOT!

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Halloween Jewelry Non Piercing

How sexy can halloween jewelry really be?  What could it be?  Earrings? Necklace? Bracelet? Ring? These are all the obvious!

Did I say ring? Or did I mean nipple rings? Below is a picture of one of my new twitter friends and her twitter name is @TruePleasures . She runs a few fun and playful site that reviews sites and products. I have her on my blogroll.

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Nipple Shields Non Piercing

Below is one of NippleCharms.com’s customers wearing the Electric Non Piercing Nipple Shields. She is flashing some friends.  This is the perfect picture for today, being Fat Tuesday!  Although she took this picture last summer, it is certainly a great shot for today!

Remember these are the sterling silver non pierced variety of nipple shields.  They should not cause an allergic reaction when worn.

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New Design for NippleRingsBlog.com

Here at NippleRingsBlog.com, we are playing around with a new layout.  How do you like it?  Please let me know.  We are getting some help form AAGBLOG.COM and she is doing a great job.  Now we just have to learn how to use it.  :)

We will add more info about our Nipple Rings and Nipple Jewelry.  Please stay tuned and return often.  We will keep up with our blog always.

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Nipple Dangles

Here is one of the NEW Ultra Thin Nipple Hoop Dangles from NippleCharms.com.

Although it is on a larger nipple, these thin hoops are made especially for women (and men) with smaller nipples.  You can visit these Nipple Dangles under the Nipple Jewelry at NippleCharms.com.

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Sexy Bindi Jewelry

Below is another type of “nipple ring“. These bindis are sexy and non piercing. These can be worn under a sheer top where they will stand out. Show off a little. Let people see how cute you are and how these will just stand out, and make your nipples stand out. Draw attention to one of a girls best asset.

Or just use them to make him, OR HER, get their engines going. Imagine when these bright, vibrant bindi tattoos come out of hiding. No one will be able to resist.

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