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Nipple Jewelry Video

Warning…. NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but ohhhhh so sexy!

Another friend of NippleCharms.com showing off her Nipple Bells with hoops. This is our friend AnniePeepers from Twitter.

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Nipple Jewelry for All Woman’s Breast Beautification and Enhanced Sensation

What Are the Different Types of Piercing and Non Piercing Nipple Ornamentation!

Do you want to underscore your breast’s beauty and discover sensual alternatives for your nipples? Then read this!

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Nipple Jewelry

Here is another testimonial for NippleCharms.com Nipple Shields and Nipple Jewelry. NippleCharms.com jewelry are for nipple huggers that surround them oh so sexy and show it off.

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Nipple Jewelry Testimonial for NippleCharms.com

WOW, I love when customers send us pictures, but even better when they take the time and send me a video! As Jenn did here. She loved her jewelry and subsequently, NippleCharms.com. Nipple Jewelry is so fun to wear and she proves it here.

This is a G-rated video so it is safe for work (SFW).
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A Night to Remember: Body Jewelry for Special Occasions

A Night to Remember: Nipple Jewelry for Special Occasions

Surprising your lover with a fresh change in your appearance is a tried-and-true way to put the spice back in any relationship for an event or special occasion. Coloring or cutting one’s hair, slipping on exciting lingerie costumes or trying out a new look with exotic makeup are just a few of the ways to achieve this.  If you really want to catch your partner’s attention, however, you can bypass these fun but traditional methods in favor of something a little more modern: body jewelry for special occasions.  Like erotic treasure troves, these sparkling little accoutrements hide under clothing offering just the slightest alluring hint at their presence through thin or filmy fabric.

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Nipple Adornments – Is What You Know Accurate?

Have you ever wondered if what you know about Body Jewelry is accurate? Consider the following and compare what you know to the latest info on nipple adornments. And then there is non piercing nipple jewelry too.

There are a number of ways to accessorize or make a statement without undergoing the rather painful piercing of body parts such as ears, lips, nose and tongue. Body piercing has nowadays become more mainstream and is usually prevalent not only in women but in men as well.

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A Hedonistic Hassle: Nipple Rings and Airport Security

The annoyance of airport security procedures has kept travelers from rocking out some of their most impressive wardrobe pieces. Lace-up boots, the layered look and other gorgeous outfits that are easy to don but difficult to take off of have fallen by the wayside in favor of a quick trip through the gauntlet of security.  Would-be travelers with exotic piercings have also paid the price, with concern about removal and potential embarrassment adding even more stress to an already difficult process. Security regulations don’t look to be changing anytime soon, so what is a pierced traveler to do?
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Body Adornments And Nipple Jewelry

From the start of civilization, body adornments and enhancement were element of a person’s large wardrobe.  These adornments and accessories are in very different in type, sizes, styles and colors.  These have developed throughout the years, from one generation to another. These days, many people are using diverse ways to wear jewelry as an accessory. Namely, the very sexy and sensuous nipple jewelry.  The every pressing question is, pierced or non piercing nipple jewelry.

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Nipple Shields

A nipple shield is a piece of body jewelry worn on the nipple, partially or fully covering the areola. The shield encircles the nipple, and can be stuck on by various means, including suction, friction and the action of glue, but is most often held in place by a nipple piercing. Usually, the primary intent of the nipple shield is to lift, highlight, and ornament the nipple, as well as the whole breast, much as other pieces of jewelry do for other parts of the body.

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Piercing or Non Piercing Body Jewelry?

The best body jewelry is out there. You cannot complain at all. But, you need to find tips that will help you look great. The tongue piercings swell a lot at first but heal fairly quickly, if you use the right kind of gem. Maybe. However metal jewelry in the tongue can damage the gums and tooth enamel.

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